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Monday, October 1, 2018

Glue / Severance

You are not the you with the brunt of his words
too intricate for him to comprehend
A magnum opus to an etude
too canorous for this clamoring world of men

You are not the you that was thrown into the drink
splashing uncontrollably continuing to sink
Startling the squids, blinded by their ink
you  are the you who still found strength to think

You are wind itself
rustiling a reaction
from the trees that feed us life;
such is the depth of your passion

In longform they wrote
of you in ancient times
Born of ordinary circumstance 
with a claim to the divine

In case you seek to attribute
these words to a tainted messenger
know this:
you are the you who keeps you glued

These truths will outlast any severance.