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Monday, July 22, 2019


Coming to from a hazy dream
hands run across my face
My worst fear 
has been confirmed
The fear that I’m still okay

Conjuring the destructive force
of a hundred burning stars
whatever it takes 
to raise the stakes
to bring me where you are

Control corrupts conjunctive space
evokes from us sublime distaste 
no holy in us
disgust discussed
we choke on our defining traits

These habits find familiar veins
anachronisms from simpler days
when ‘woe is you’
was ‘woe is me’
awash in dark like a moon phase

My weakness,
my mind
My weakness 
is my pride

If only you could cry today
everyone would know
the sign that you're about to break
You're human, after all

I guess I should be grateful
for you have shown me you
and I am so conflicted
I don't know what to do

To crawl into your reality
to make it my new home
has proven far less difficult
than living in my own

So i will simply sit here
with one hand on your back
the other gently wiping tears
saving words in a cache

Our weakness,
our youth
Our weakness,
is our truth

If I could pass for an honest man
I’d give my gratitude
as long as you are on this land
I’ll always have a muse

You have eyes that never close
even when you sleep
reverence is apropos 
I should kneel at your feet

In the spirit of Dionysus 
you requested me to play
as if I needed license 
as is you had to wait

Shed tears as accompaniment 
in happiness, in grief
and I will steal your hurt for a bit
a good old fashioned thief

Your weakness, 
your pain
Your weakness
is your strength