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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A Special Kind of Peace

I’m not a special person
like they all used to say 
everywhere I turn
I'm just revolving in place
Progress shirks desire
they've preached that for years
in churches spitting fire
to perfectly singed ears
Time is congratulations
landmarks of pace
marked in graduations
granulations of cake
You can find my ire
bequeathed in drops of tears
like any decent choir
I'm singing you my fears:
foolishly wishing/ to be ghoulishly skinny/
not so bruteish and finicky/ yeah i wish i was rid of me/
then i think of the days/ in which my own path was emblazoned/ 
with hardships sequencing pain/ into 32nd note phrases/
Sonatas roll into keys
squeezed from the page
like juice from a peach
infused in a glaze
my song needs dilution
In concentrate its sweet
the blandest intrusion  
makes it fittest to eat
Every person sees a beach
but no one thinks it strange
that where two expanses meet
neither overtakes
Both work in collusion
a special kind of peace
like the one between you
and not so special me