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Sunday, March 1, 2020


If with purity of trusting
comes the certainty of righteousness
I understand its lush appeal

Since we know the circumference
of celestial objects
We believe we can ignore the lust we feel  

If we sought to earn nothing
but satiety of gut
Why continue living after our first meal?

This parasitic reluctance
to submit to our bonds
prevents us from keeping up an even keel

The art of graceful aging
has proven largely wasted
on ilk-mates quickly waning
pained, prickly, abrasive

The hubris of omniscience
optimizing space in our cages
while lacking the conviction
to seek emancipation

Pretension is the most human of traits
assuming omniscience 
can rival the omnipotence of fate

As if mere awareness of our captive state
possesses equivalence
to the act of unshackling our restraints