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Saturday, January 7, 2017


You brought a brilliant beam of light
shone in a blinding blaze
Crashed headlong into a prism 
split off a billion rays

The Violet is your softness 
your need to be protected
A thinly veiled maxim
stating that it is you who empowers your protectors
In similar terms
your delicate shoulders
have been saddled with the gravity of hope
Their delicacy makes the load light as lavender 

The indigo flickers in your tears
accentuate the intensity of the miracle of your being

What of the blue?
What of the sadness 
The cold 
from which we shelter you?
The purest of hearts
give warmth like a hearth

I see the tranquil green
Color of forests
unknown to society 
The peace unseen

We've been given Serenity
and made Serene