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Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Octoroon (not really though)

I found this in my notebook under the words 'The Octoroon'
**Clears throat self-righteously**

Say, can I give you the tools to build,
A structure bearing some resemblance to a life fulfilled?
Tell me, have you ever wondered how as you grow older time begins to disappear?
Why, this is because a child lives for the day, a teenager lives for the month, and an adult lives for the year.
Time seems to pass when you truly desire it to,
But wishing it away, well indirectly you're simply wishing to die.

1 comment:

Quite Fascinating said...

I really dig this poem, I'm not gonna assume as to what the meaning is, but to me, it means taking time to live in the present, and to enjoy the life that God, Gaia, whomever you report to, has bestowed upon you. That by constantly living in the future, worrying about what has yet to come, impatiently begging for today to end, and tomorrow to begin, we are only cheating ourselves, and missing out on the beauty that is life itself... Life is beautiful, time is a figment of the imagination, and we can each have whatever it is that our hearts desire, but we must recognize and appreciate what it is that we have now, because who knows what we may find if we just stop and smell the roses... or who.

i reblogged this, I loved it so much.